Charlie Gruet \\ Director


Charlie Gruet is a true multi-hyphenate talent in the entertainment industry, with a proven track record of excellence as both a Director and Cinematographer.  He is a member of the Directors Guild of America, as well as a member of the International Cinematographers Guild.  Charlie’s work has brought him to all corners of the globe and his experiences as a Cinematographer in a variety of formats has created a unique, visual style that captures the intimate and emotional content necessary for shaping powerful narratives.  His foundation in non-fiction has helped him sculpt authentic scenes that celebrate the humorous moments in our everyday life.  This expertise serves as the bedrock for Charlie’s Directing work in comedy and his ability to create grounded, personal stories that resonate with viewers.

Charlie directed the season 2 finale for the HBO Max show THE OTHER TWO while also serving as the DP for half the season.  Gruet returned to Season 3 of THE OTHER TWO to direct 2 episodes while also serving as the DP for 7 episodes.  His ability to seamlessly interact with all departments and clearly communicate the episode’s creative needs is an invaluable toolset that Charlie brings with him to all jobs along with a sharp wit and infectious energy.

Charlie Wrote and Directed 3 short films for FREAKONOMICS RADIO that poke fun at the absurdity of producing the podcast.  The films are a hybrid blend between documentary and fiction creating a truly immersive viewing experience.  The films screened during the Freakonomics Radio Live Tour and audiences were left in stitches as they watched the actual staff of FREAKONOMICS RADIO interact with improv masters, Tami Sagher and Chris Roberti. In the commercial space Charlie has been able to work with high level talent both in front of the camera and from the Agency side.

Charlie’s work as a Cinematographer has made an impact on contemporary television and cemented his place in the pop-culture lexicon.  HIGH MAINTENANCE, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, TELL ME LIES, THE OTHER TWO are a handful of recent shows that have delighted both critics and audiences alike.  CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO, a documentary that Gruet produced as well as DP’ed, explores the fascination of fame and has become a timeless cult classic.  

Charlie is brimming with enthusiasm to continue his journey as Director, dedicated to bringing authentic and compelling stories to life.

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